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Excerpt consists of poems, poetry, rhymes and also fragments of sorrow. Both from the past and present time.


When I encountered something new and that excited to share. Mostly vibrant, full of spirit and hopefully inspiring.


My subconscious about how I truly feel toward people around me. Reason is, you see, I nearly always seem cheerful and do not mind with everything. Truth is, I have this fallacious habit to endure my emotions and anger. Thing is, it has been ingrained and carved gnarly in my soul. Hence, it is basically a tremendously comfortable place to spit everything out. Beware and be patient with the hyperbolically sorrowful and sentimental content.


News-related things. Mostly something that I also tell in public, or clearly happening. Mediocre stuffs.


The objective is to narrate and depict unique people I know, as if walking in their shoes and seeing through their eyeholes. Both angel and devil to me, mind you. Lately, I strive to write them in a form of implicit excerpts and story fragments to create a more interesting and attractive to read. Instead of not explicit ones. Always ended with Pondering about [one’s initials] for sure.


Been hiatus for years, but, it is about unsolved mysteries that triggered my interest and curiosity. I always did research in advance, never posted hoaxes.


The thinker side of mine. The side that most people object, but, I do not care.


I know the name sounds peculiar, and yes it is. Adopt this idea from one of the short stories in Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King, please do not blaspheme me for that. Since the story is about unrevealed writings from famous authors which is only attainable in this unearthly and monstrous pink kindle, my rubric Ur is suffused with secret writings of mine. Mostly in form of letters. If Feelings consists of my subconscious, Ur is filled with my innermost subconscious. The contents are dreadful and dangerous, honestly speaking. Beware of that. However, sorry for this, since most of them are password protected, you cannot read it unless you are my better half or you are that close with me 😉