The Pursuit of Happiness

Every time I feel happy, this same question frequently popped-up in my head: Do I genuinely feel happy?

Lately, I have been (over)thinking about such feeling that supposedly everyone in this world would like to have, happiness. People do miscellaneous actions to pursue such feeling regardless by good or bad deeds, nevertheless, the term good and bad is relative since it is according to one’s perspective. Some people are happy simply by laughing together with their beloved family and friends, while some other may only laugh over a sprawled heartbeat-less torso.

For me, I classified myself happy when I (am able to) feel happy without any perpetual bounded dependency towards any other person or people. Not in terms of friendship happiness, hence, don’t misunderstand me.

Then again, I find myself pursuing that happiness in different ways as the time flows by, as the year passed by, as the moments elapsed and as ‘lesson learned’ learned.

They change, eventually.

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Between Parenthood and Poverty

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I was born and grew up in an archipelagic developing country located in South-East Asia, endowed with spacious and fertile soil, but sadly occupied with mentally poor governments and people. Indeed, I am an Indonesian and I grew up in Indonesia. Sometimes, when I envisage about,

How does it feel like to be the President of a country that is suffused by endless problems?

It feels like there is too much problem at the point where it is hard to decide which problem should be solved first. Overpopulation and poverty. As far as I remember, ever since I learned about demographic studies back then in Elementary School, two main things that we always discussed are poverty and overpopulation, especially in the island of Java, and to be more specifically severe, in the capital city; Jakarta. The island of Java is 126.700 km² wide and occupied with 154 million people which are one of the most densely populated islands in the world because more than 50% of the total population occupy the island of Java. While Jakarta is 740 km² occupied with over 10 million people. Because of this overpopulated condition, poverty has become the main and endless problem in my country.

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Your Orientation

You might often hear….

Hey, could you please help me to cure my brother’s homosexuality?

First thing first, what is sexual orientation? It means that the type of gender that you’re attracted to. I know, most people are homophobic–because they thought that homosexuality is some kinda disease. Apparently,  here I’m going to tell you that is NOT a disease, but it’s called sexual orientation (or some people called it sexual preference, but for me, to be more precise I prefer to call it sexual orientation).

Sexual orientation is something birthright, what it has been inside you since you were born. If you’re heterosexual, that means you’ll only attrancted romantically towards your opposite gender, while if you’re homosexual that means you’ll only attracted romantically with the same gender of yours. Just as simple as that. Children, usually realized their sexual orientation when they’re in elementary school.

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Gender Segregation

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Females are sapless, they are not a capable fugleman–therefore they should just work as housewives, because males are (absolute) capable leaders for them.

When a woman beats a man: “Wow! you’re such a strong and brave woman!” However, when a man beats a woman: “You just beat a woman? Ewh, how queer.” (I shall take few steps away from you).

When you have bunches of children, you’ll get bunches of fortunes accompany you!

Women are not suppose to earn higher education, because no men would want to be with ‘women-who-earn-higher-education-than-him.” Uh-Hum. Ring the bell?

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Least number of Enthusiasts, Science Class

One sunny day in my previous 12th year days…

The Biology daily exam was currently occurred, yet I could hardly concentrate. No, you’re mistaken. It’s not that I didn’t study nor I couldn’t answered it. To be honest it was easy (alhamdulillah I got 97).

Buzzzzzz buzzzzz buzz buzzzzzzzz buzzzzzz

buzzzz zzzzz buzzzzzzz

I rant to myself,

“Oh God, they’re such a blabbers and dishonest! Can’t you see this is an exam?! And hello Mrs. Biology teacher, you’re supposed to do something! Torn their answer sheets and kick their asses!”

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Fucked-up Bigots

How do you describe a smart person? Is it that guy who always sits on the rearmost desk with As? Well, It’s not that I do not agree with it. But in my opinion, a smart person is more suitable to be described as a prudent person, cherish another human being, high modesty, and equitable. Thus, indirectly, he/she is smart.

Indeed, I am a Muslim and I’m proud of it. For me as a prudent Muslim, one must implement good deeds and must avoid bad deeds (as written in Quran). That’s all, nothing to worry or be debated about. What I dislike is those mad Muslim fanatics. They hardly even cherish neither respected other religions yet the way they speak sounded as if they are the most glorious human being in this colossal universe.

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