On Writing

Six frequently asked questions from family, friends, and acquaintances regarding my blog and my affinity toward creative writing.

Being Observant at a Bookstore (01.04.17)


Why do you name your blog Foxtrot Gazette?

This is kind of odd. I am somewhat obsessed with NATO phonetic alphabet, where F stands for Foxtrot, that is where I got the word. I looked up in the dictionary, it is a type of music commonly played in ballrooms or dancing rooms. Makes the room called Foxtrot Ballroom, for instance. Then, since one of my favorite band is Genesis, they have this not-so-famous album called Foxtrot. I admit the songs are weird. Both tone and lyrics. Unlike the other Genesis songs that I always love. Thus, I decide to use this word Foxtrot due to its uniqueness. Gazette is a newspaper or journal, derived from a French word but originated from an Italian word Gazzetta. Via the newspaper, people are able to obtain information, got to know things. By reading my blog, people will know by, say, sixty percent of the things I never exposed in public. Things that I do not think it is necessary enough to say out loud. Meaning that by reading my blog, people will know more about me. Not literally, you see. There you can wrap it up, Foxtrot Gazette.

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Retrospect and Rescript

Even though it has merely been four years since I started writing in this blog, I find and realize that the way I write, including the grammatical quality, had changed significantly, or so I thought. During the eleventh and twelfth grade, I had encountered my critically numb and heartless period. No need to go as far as having romantic feelings toward a person, when I reread my old posts during those days, I am unable to sense nor feel any emotions. But the thing is, those days are when I started to have that courage to speak and express my different thoughts and opinions out loud. I am thinking that it will be a pity if those old archives of mine would be forgotten just like that.

Thus, I am about to retrospect, revise, rescript and republish those old posts together with my current frame of mind.

Just wait.

New Rubric

New year, new rubric. How irrelevant.

Lately, I have been no less than a common Stephen King Constant Reader. I admit he is more than someone who wrote a book about haunted hotel caretaker. The last book that I finished, before currently, I am reading Misery, is Bazaar of Bad Dreams. It is a collection of marvelous yet thrilling short stories, and he seduced his readers by explaining the fundamental of the stories. Every story is ended by Thinking about [someone’s name], which gave me goosebumps.

So, I’m thinking of writing something that seemingly similar, but different. I have been befriended, get acquitted or solely observed many people in my life, no matter how beautiful or fucked up they are. People who are peculiar and distinctive enough to tell, in terms of life or personality. I find pondering about them through their eyeholes is interesting to feel their shoes. Although, sometimes I used it just to express my feelings for them, regardless good or bad.

Thus, hereby I present you my new rubric, Musings.

Moving to NL

Den Haag CS
Den Haag Central Station

It’s been a quick six and a-half months since I moved here. I always thought about how I finally be able to pursue my dream to study abroad, yet I ought to know that things are not easy, precisely what real life is.

I love The Hague, I really enjoy living here. It’s not a very crowded and metropolitan city nor a secluded village. It’s a perfect city for me. I love how I can easily find books that I’ve been looking for, I love to spend my weekend to various beautiful museums with my museum mate (her name is Ayunda), I love travelling to  different cities in and outside Netherlands occasionally, I’m so happy about how I can finally pursue my fashion style, I enjoy studying at my current campus, De Haagse Hogeschool, because they provide us a great course, and I love how I can finally make (real) best friends and friends again.

De Haagse Hogeschool
De Haagse Hogeschool

In the other hand, I have also realised that this is what life is actually about. People are surrounded by their own life choice, it is really their own personal choice to be what kind of person that they choose to be. I also finally get to learn how to (actually) taking care of yourself, be independent and sticking to your own principles, obligations and responsibilities, also how my repugnant (ex)friend and housemate was really be able to repel me with her abhorrent behaviour–and above all of them I finally get to learn what does the true campus life looks and feels like.

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Between Parenthood and Poverty

(source: fxperth.com and illustrationage.files.wordpress.com)
(source: fxperth.com and illustrationage.files.wordpress.com)

I was born and grew up in an archipelagic developing country located in South-East Asia, endowed with spacious and fertile soil, but sadly occupied with mentally poor governments and people. Indeed, I am an Indonesian and I grew up in Indonesia. Sometimes, when I envisage about,

How does it feel like to be the President of a country that is suffused by endless problems?

It feels like there is too much problem at the point where it is hard to decide which problem should be solved first. Overpopulation and poverty. As far as I remember, ever since I learned about demographic studies back then in Elementary School, two main things that we always discussed are poverty and overpopulation, especially in the island of Java, and to be more specifically severe, in the capital city; Jakarta. The island of Java is 126.700 km² wide and occupied with 154 million people which are one of the most densely populated islands in the world because more than 50% of the total population occupy the island of Java. While Jakarta is 740 km² occupied with over 10 million people. Because of this overpopulated condition, poverty has become the main and endless problem in my country.

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Where is Nessie?

People often call this ‘fabulous’ home of Nessie ‘Loch Ness lake’, but apparently they’re mistaken because the word ‘Loch’ itself means ‘lake’. Loch Ness is located in Northern Scotland, United Kingdom, on of the broadest and deepest freshwater lake in Scotland (after Loch Lomond) with 24 miles long, 1 mile wide and up to 1.000 ft deep–hence, you may say that this lake can be considered as one of the most horrific lake….in the world, indeed.


(source: http://www.shedexpedition.com/)

What makes this lake prevalent to be heard? Quotha, I bet everybody who love criptozoology and mystery ought to know about the fabulous Loch Ness Monster, or affectionately people call her Nessie. Nessie is pretty much resembles a Plesiosaur, a fast-swimmer water-dinosaur with colossal abdomen and long neck that had extincted over 60 million years ago.

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Ancient Times Statue of Liberty

First thing first, I’m going to announce you that on this post and the next 6 posts are going to be occupied with these ‘Seven Wonders of the Ancient World’ topic. It’ll not going to be long-winded, because I’m trying to make it concise, compact and tangible as possible.

Every day, people from around the world come to visit New York either by land, water or air transportation. Those who came to New York by water transportation will be greeted by the well-known huge female which is a gift from French, with its peculiar pose; lifting a torch, carrying books and wearing a crown.  Indeed that’s the renowned Statue of Liberty, but some people called it the ‘Modern Colossus’ which is located near the Harbour.  Some of the people don’t know that the word colossus itself reflects to another eminent statue which is called ‘The Colossus of Rhodes’, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.


(source: www.news.gtp.gr/)

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