Working Life

I never expected that working life is better than college life, even though I am aware with those high(er) responsibilities and bigg(er) challenges.

A year has never been that long if you are enjoying your life and the always-have-been-so-short summer vacation. I can vividly recall the first day of my internship, along with the exceptionally hot weather for the Netherlands. My boss welcomed me warmly, even though he was quite upset with Human Resources Department since my pass and my internship contract was not yet ready. Since that day, I am employed for a six months internship in a Quality Assurance Department of a prominent edible oils and fats manufacturer called IOI Loders Croklaan which supplied those oils and fats for another prominent food companies including Unilever and Mondelez. My office is located in a small town called Wormerveer, approximately 20 kilometers from Amsterdam, the heart of the Netherlands. Simply put I went through Amsterdam every working days.

My Internship Contract


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Moving to NL

Den Haag CS
Den Haag Central Station

It’s been a quick six and a-half months since I moved here. I always thought about how I finally be able to pursue my dream to study abroad, yet I ought to know that things are not easy, precisely what real life is.

I love The Hague, I really enjoy living here. It’s not a very crowded and metropolitan city nor a secluded village. It’s a perfect city for me. I love how I can easily find books that I’ve been looking for, I love to spend my weekend to various beautiful museums with my museum mate (her name is Ayunda), I love travelling to  different cities in and outside Netherlands occasionally, I’m so happy about how I can finally pursue my fashion style, I enjoy studying at my current campus, De Haagse Hogeschool, because they provide us a great course, and I love how I can finally make (real) best friends and friends again.

De Haagse Hogeschool
De Haagse Hogeschool

In the other hand, I have also realised that this is what life is actually about. People are surrounded by their own life choice, it is really their own personal choice to be what kind of person that they choose to be. I also finally get to learn how to (actually) taking care of yourself, be independent and sticking to your own principles, obligations and responsibilities, also how my repugnant (ex)friend and housemate was really be able to repel me with her abhorrent behaviour–and above all of them I finally get to learn what does the true campus life looks and feels like.

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Don’t Let The Game Ends

Just don’t ever give up, because when you give up…the game is over.

-Top Ittipat


Failure. I used to be extremely terrified when I hear such word. Sometimes I missed those halcyon elementary and middle school days, where I lived with no excessive worries and anxieties, although I must say I suffered light anorexia nervosa. I’m a perfectionist person, therefore I always prepare everything, starting from daily school exams until holiday preparation, I’m a well-prepared person, why? like I said because I’m afraid of failure. For me, hard-work is my everything. Due to my fondness for cooking, I started to sell my own cooking (cheesecake, pizza, eclair, pasta, etc) since I was in 8th grade of middle school until the 11th grade of high school. What for? of course those are for additional money regarding my future study abroad fees. The money that I’ve earned I saved it as gold coins in my mom’s bank, 40 grams of gold in total.

My life, my point of view my principle changed because of what had happened back then in my first year of Senior High School. That period of time, I was suffering the most severe anorexia nervosa, but well that’s not the main problem actually, hence, it was because I met my first love at that time.

I’ve never been in love before so I don’t have any goddamn clue what will I ‘become’ when I fall in love. He’s my senior in my school. He was the one that approached me at first, he always followed me almost everywhere, although, he did not have many friends but we got closer in no time. When he confessed to me, I did reject him several times but he insisted on going out with me because he said he was serious about me. Well, I was still a stupid naive little brat that I believed all things that he said.

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The Science of Weight Loss

When an acquaintance asks me,

Have you ever been in a weight-loss program before?

I will profoundly reply no, even though the truth is I have been in a strict weight-loss program. Honestly, I am currently applying for the same old weight-loss program right now. Furthermore, although I used to be convicted as an anorexic girl, I learned a lot about nutritional, weight-loss and also body metabolism studies.

Everything started when my mom and the rest of my family members constantly insulted me fat. At that time, as a 6th grader, I was a happy-go-lucky little girl who did not care at all about my appearance nor my health issues. Hence, my mom accompanied me to a nutritionist, where he gave me a weight-loss food diary, I still remember it vividly I weighed 57 kilos although I’m only 147 cm tall and 12 years old young, moreover I was classified as a level-one obese girl.

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Honesty, Such a Lonely Word.


Robbery by Astrid Stoefhas

Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard

A full-blown robbery inside a confined space–inside my very own house, which for the very first time happened to me in the past few days ago.

My house maid is tremendously dishonest. When did the first time I found out about it? It’s when the first pilferage  had  occurred when I forgot to bring my wallet along with me to my cram school. I still remembered precisely–since I’m a pretty detail person, I have three 50k rupiah notes and two 100k rupiah notes. When I went back home, I was pretty aghast due to my own amount of  money abatement, there were only two 50k rupiah notes instead of three. I did talked to my parents but it doesn’t solved anything, my mom hardly believed me yet she keep on blaming me because she said that I’m too sloppy and reckless.  I was fiercely upset, but again I harbored  my own wrath so deep. Hey, I’m the victim here and now you’re blaming me? I know I forgot, but stop yelling at me like that. And the rubbish pilferage occurred again in the next 1 week later when I forgot to bring my wallet again, this time I just didn’t tell anybody, It’s just pointless and useless.

Since then, I always bring my wallet everywhere with me plus I always locked my bedroom and bring the key along with me. It’s all according to my expectations, the pilferage stopped (for awhile). It’s obvious that she’s the obnoxious  thief, savvy?

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