The Fool

Hey, wanna have sex with me? You see, all of my friends have done it. I’m like still the vi–


My wrath overheard by the blatant whack. Proved by the harsh slap. Did it hammer and tongs by a hand-wrestling champion, no wonder. His sexual harassment has gone too far. Made the rest of pupils dumbfounded, eventually. There he goes again. Replied it with a mere ridiculous grin, casually. Picking up his iPad Mini and Attack on Titan manga book, ditching the classroom. Nobody heeded his abhorrent attitude. A facepalm is not considered as a geez anymore.

He walked throughout the parking lot with his lousy purple umbrella. His mom and dad were waiting inside the black SUV. He sat on the backside. Back indulging himself with the toys on his palms. Heading to the nearby shopping mall. To the arcade center. A literal place to dispose of your wealth in minutes.

Someone kill the DJ, shoot the fucking DJ
Voices in my head are sayin’
“Shoot that fucker down”

“Hey sis, don’t play the music too loud.”

Dazed off. I turned down the rotary knob. I cannot help it, I truly love the song yet it reminds me of someone obnoxious.

“Get off, we are here.”

I simply nodded, get out of the car and walked into my cram school.

“Enjoy your study. See you in two hours.”

Not a gloomy nor rainy day. I was in a rotten spirit, unlike the rest of the days. It is simple, there is going to be him in the same class today. We are not supposed to since I studied science while social for him. Since the subject for today is the so-called national language, the excuse was invalid.

Test feedback from last week, you see. I sat at the frontmost while rearmost for him. Never did I see him without his iPad and manga. Those are his heroin and cocaine. Hilarious thing is he scarcely use headphones, to make perfect his realm of ignorance.

“You got 21. Can’t you be more serious? Your finals are three weeks ahead. National finals of your high school, mind you.”

Rolling his eyes, snatched his paper, and sat back. Same old, same old. Wondering if he knew what is going to happen in the future. His fate about that he is that close failing the exam. National senior high school finals, mind the repetition.

“You do know I am into you, right?”

There he goes again, it went countless already. I cringe for awhile, shoved him away and continue walking. He is an absolute fool, you see. He was that foolish to comprehend what is going on in his surroundings. How people feel and think about it. He can never perceive them all. Shallow and ignorant describes him the best. Yet he has this grandiose self-conceit. An excessive one. Believing that he is above from everyone. More like an utter narcissism. If puking in public is not a taboo, I would do that for sure.

“You’re coming with us right on Saturday?”

He was at it again. Compelling me to hang out with him by asking the whole class to go. Since we were a group of five.

“Your parents are not working?”

Hearing one of my classmates asked that, felt like a glimpse of jinx struck me.

“Nah, they work on night shifts.”

It is bizarre. His parents forever, exactly, escorted and picked him up to and from school. Including cram school. Going to the shopping mall is obvious, you see. More like, always following him around. Today, his parents treated us a hearty meal of Italian dish and allowed us to use his card at the arcade game arena. There was no further perplexed.

So, do you wanna have sex with me now?

The most foolish man I ever get acquainted with. The man whom I despise and disrespect to the fullest.

Pondering about A.N.

Note: The fully revised version of the previous one, in terms of writing style.

The illustration is Tarot card number zero from major arcana, The Fool.

Lyrics are from Kill the DJ by Green Day.


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