On Writing

Six frequently asked questions from family, friends, and acquaintances regarding my blog and my affinity toward creative writing.

Being Observant at a Bookstore (01.04.17)


Why do you name your blog Foxtrot Gazette?

This is kind of odd. I am somewhat obsessed with NATO phonetic alphabet, where F stands for Foxtrot, that is where I got the word. I looked up in the dictionary, it is a type of music commonly played in ballrooms or dancing rooms. Makes the room called Foxtrot Ballroom, for instance. Then, since one of my favorite band is Genesis, they have this not-so-famous album called Foxtrot. I admit the songs are weird. Both tone and lyrics. Unlike the other Genesis songs that I always love. Thus, I decide to use this word Foxtrot due to its uniqueness. Gazette is a newspaper or journal, derived from a French word but originated from an Italian word Gazzetta. Via the newspaper, people are able to obtain information, got to know things. By reading my blog, people will know by, say, sixty percent of the things I never exposed in public. Things that I do not think it is necessary enough to say out loud. Meaning that by reading my blog, people will know more about me. Not literally, you see. There you can wrap it up, Foxtrot Gazette.

What is the reason behind you write?

At first, it is simply to develop my shitty English into, at least, mediocre level. I used it as a vessel to express my cloistered opinions and feelings, or, the dark side I decide not to show it off. If you are close to me enough, you should know I am inarticulate at some points. Sometimes to tell topics I am interested about. However, today is more like to configure and elucidate my true identity. Perceiving that they are in tiny shreds like a jumbled dream, as I mentioned. Moreover, I feel like writing goes both ways, meaning that it has advantages and disadvantages. It can be my potent antidote, yet it can also be the hydrogen peroxide which would reopen my old wounds. Pardon me for being hyperbolic. To sum it up, I feel that writing is more like a therapy for me.

Who did the design of the blog?

Me, my very own self and I. Since I am fond of graphic designing and I always prefer to create things by myself. The design itself had evolved from time to time. The first one was totally retro-ish, colliding bold colors like peach, turquoise, yellow and black. Made it using Adobe Illustrator. The second one, however, I started to have an affinity for minimal design. I made it using Adobe Photoshop instead of Illustrator. I use a warm color palette to make a similar vintage look of an old newspaper yet deliberately set Sans type font to give a modern impression. I intend to show old and modern vibes could collide in harmony. And I made some minor changes for the latest one. I kept everything as it is except the color palette. I use muted tones aiming for more elegant and sophisticated design.

How did you come up with the topics you write?

I am an overthinking person, plus I constantly scrutinize my surroundings. I nearly always have things to discuss, but will only write something unique enough. Inevitable matters that have been hampering both my mind and heart, obviously. I admit frequently they are influenced by the current book I read. The title, most of the time for instance. I decided to use the title Revival my most recent post because I am currently reading a book with such title, even though has a completely different story, written by Stephen King, one of my favorite author.

You see on the right sidebar, I recently put two new things; a new section called the Upcoming Posts, and new rubric Ur. The objective is to sort which writings are worthy enough to post, and also to keep me consistently post what I am about to post in the first place. We are talking about ten drafts I have right now. As for the new rubric Ur, basically it is filled with secret writings of mine. You can click on the menu Guide for further explanation.

Who took the photos?

Ninety percent of normal and realistic photos are captured by me. I have an abundant stock of photos. Truly because I am fond of taking pictures and capturing moments. Although I do have an Instagram account, again, I definitely do not intend to upload everything. I spammed more than enough. Illustrations are usually from somewhere else. I disclaimed what is not mine and therefore provide photo sources, also valid for the excerpt of a song lyrics.

What does Mercuric Iodide mean?

Decode it by yourself. Solely one person had succeeded thus far.


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