I Am Weary


I am tired of false hopes

I am tired of harvesting dormant trees

I am tired of chasing my phony daydream

I am tired of being an obedient Frankenstein

I am tired of trying so hard to please everybody

I am tired of losing something I cherished the most


I am sick of my faux smiles

I am sick of acting so hard

I am sick of being such a fool

I am sick of being an overthinking bitch

I am sick of having too high expectations of people

I am sick of waiting for a train that will take me to Atlantis


I had enough being played

I had enough with dumb failures

I had enough with striking misfortunes

I had enough hoping that the sun might turn green

I had enough with forfeiting my own happiness for others’ sake

I had enough with heartbreaks, crushing my limbs and vital organs


I am just…weary playing this stupid part of the game, but, I think it is the time to give everything up.


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