New Rubric

New year, new rubric. How irrelevant.

Lately, I have been no less than a common Stephen King Constant Reader. I admit he is more than someone who wrote a book about haunted hotel caretaker. The last book that I finished, before currently, I am reading Misery, is Bazaar of Bad Dreams. It is a collection of marvelous yet thrilling short stories, and he seduced his readers by explaining the fundamental of the stories. Every story is ended by Thinking about [someone’s name], which gave me goosebumps.

So, I’m thinking of writing something that seemingly similar, but different. I have been befriended, get acquitted or solely observed many people in my life, no matter how beautiful or fucked up they are. People who are peculiar and distinctive enough to tell, in terms of life or personality. I find pondering about them through their eyeholes is interesting to feel their shoes. Although, sometimes I used it just to express my feelings for them, regardless good or bad.

Thus, hereby I present you my new rubric, Musings.


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