Working Life

I never expected that working life is better than college life, even though I am aware with those high(er) responsibilities and bigg(er) challenges.

A year has never been that long if you are enjoying your life and the always-have-been-so-short summer vacation. I can vividly recall the first day of my internship, along with the exceptionally hot weather for the Netherlands. My boss welcomed me warmly, even though he was quite upset with Human Resources Department since my pass and my internship contract was not yet ready. Since that day, I am employed for a six months internship in a Quality Assurance Department of a prominent edible oils and fats manufacturer called IOI Loders Croklaan which supplied those oils and fats for another prominent food companies including Unilever and Mondelez. My office is located in a small town called Wormerveer, approximately 20 kilometers from Amsterdam, the heart of the Netherlands. Simply put I went through Amsterdam every working days.

My Internship Contract


I never expected that working life is better than college life, even though I am aware with the higher responsibilities and bigger challenges. My days are greeted with cold mornings, whereas I am cycling tumultuously chasing the morning train heading to Amsterdam Centraal at 06.28, then I stop at Amsterdam Sloterdijk station and transfer to a smaller train called Sprinter heading to Uitgeest, and finally stop at Koog-Zaandijk Station. Well, it’s not like Wormerveer doesn’t have station, it’s just that I prefer to stop at Koog-Zaandijk which is one stop before the Wormerveer Station. Continued with around 10 minutes cycling from the station to my office. The way back home is even more tiresome than I have ever experienced–since I have to cycle for  14 kilometers, and 20 kilometers far in the daily total, because my train abodement subscription is valid only during off-peak hours. However, this is still more beneficial since it’s 75% cheaper, the train will be less crowded (most of the time) and I get to visit other cities without any additional charge during weekends. Well, that is my daily travelling obstacles.

Oh well I think I was a bit far off the topic.

Then again, I prefer working rather than going to school. I have to admit that the assignment of my project is not easy at all since no one in the company re-new their external audit system although it was already quite old and dull. On my first day, my boss told me the entire company activities, and explain the assignment of my project, and he gave me a lot of things to read as well. I really don’t mind reading since reading is my hobby, it was just that amount in a short time period. Again, I have to admit that I can fully comprehend about the assignment after one week have passed. Before I was accepted interning here, I thought I will be very bored of my internship project assignment, turns out this is one of the things that I would really love to learn about. From this internship, I get to learn not only starting from the plantation, harvesting, processing steps from several kinds of edible oils and fats including Palm Oil, Palm Kernels Oil and Shea Butter, but also how to handle those products until they are delivered to customers regarding to the external supply chain in respect to the food safety aspects. Simply put, there are a lot of readings, visiting some areas in the production site, and performing an external audit with my boss. Yes, now I know how are they being stored, packaged, transported, analyzed together with the standards, and thereby I can design then external audit system from the risk analysis that I set up, which is called the Global Audit Questionnaires. That is why I tremendously like my job.

Aside from that, the internship compensation aka the so-called salary is more than enough for me, I could not picture how happy I was when I received my first pay. Now I can buy things with my own money and I still have a lot for my monthly savings.


My office (IOI Loders Croklaan) at Wormerveer



Another thing that makes me full of spirit to come to work is my boss and my colleagues. He’s the QA manager for IOI Loders Croklaan in Europe, he’s Dutch, he’s really nice and he always smiles, that’s what I like the most. I am always very happy whenever he says that I am his favorite intern. He never ignores me and always supports and helps me with my project whenever he’s available. He always apologizes whenever he’s currently busy which delays him to give feedback to my assignment, even though I already said that I understand his hectic schedule, still, he explains that he was never been this busy before due to several internal audit activities, to conclude he appreciates and respects me. I must say that, before I started working here, I was afraid that he’ll be cold and super straightforward, turns out the ‘straightforward’ term is completely different from what I imagined. I think straightforwardness makes you easier to express your opinion, including likes and dislikes. Now, I have become even more straightforward, I can say that I’m almost always be like that since it makes my life easier.

Oh well, time flies. It has been almost three months and there is only three months until the beginning of February 2017. I will be missing these days and moments, definitely.


Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station

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