Moving to NL

Den Haag CS
Den Haag Central Station

It’s been a quick six and a-half months since I moved here. I always thought about how I finally be able to pursue my dream to study abroad, yet I ought to know that things are not easy, precisely what real life is.

I love The Hague, I really enjoy living here. It’s not a very crowded and metropolitan city nor a secluded village. It’s a perfect city for me. I love how I can easily find books that I’ve been looking for, I love to spend my weekend to various beautiful museums with my museum mate (her name is Ayunda), I love travelling to  different cities in and outside Netherlands occasionally, I’m so happy about how I can finally pursue my fashion style, I enjoy studying at my current campus, De Haagse Hogeschool, because they provide us a great course, and I love how I can finally make (real) best friends and friends again.

De Haagse Hogeschool
De Haagse Hogeschool

In the other hand, I have also realised that this is what life is actually about. People are surrounded by their own life choice, it is really their own personal choice to be what kind of person that they choose to be. I also finally get to learn how to (actually) taking care of yourself, be independent and sticking to your own principles, obligations and responsibilities, also how my repugnant (ex)friend and housemate was really be able to repel me with her abhorrent behaviour–and above all of them I finally get to learn what does the true campus life looks and feels like.

I am currently studying in a University of Applied Sciences that consists of 40% theoretical studies and 60% practical studies. One thing that is unusual for me (at first) is our Project that changes every blocks, and involves with project groups. I have always been shy and introverted, and I don’t really enjoy dealing with people aside from my close friends, I know that really well. But oh well, apparently, each block we have different projects, in block 1.1 our project was Water Treatment, while in block 1.2 our project was Cheese Manufacturing and in this current block, block 1.3, our project is about Alumina as Catalyst Support. Truthfully and straightly speaking, I always felt uneasy and uncomfortable in every group meetings and insecure with my obnoxious english because other students in my group from other different countries speak english fluently and flawlessly, and that made me somewhat ‘refuse’ myself to do the task. But as the days goes by, I finally be able to learn that I cannot stay like this, I have to speak up my thoughts. I don’t have to be a chatterbox–or blabbermouth or even a compulsive talker, no I do not need to become other person. I just have to speak up what’s in my mind during project meetings, and suggesting ideas (when I have one), simply put during the times that I have to speak, not because someone is asking. Apart from that, I also joined PPI, it’s an Indonesia Student Association in The Hague. And so now I feel that I am able to deal with these things better than ever before, my english has also improved a lot too (at least that’s what I think).

So yeah, that’s how my life goes by for now, and currently I’m kinda struggling with the current project, the thing is because I’m totally not interested in it. And one other thing is that I have to obtain a place for my internship this year.


5 thoughts on “Moving to NL

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I hope you have time to write more often. By the way, I feel the same as you even though I speak English, so it isn’t a language barrier, but another kind of fear for me. Good luck with your projects 🙂

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