The Science of Weight Loss

When an acquaintance asks me,

Have you ever been in a weight-loss program before?

I will profoundly reply no, even though the truth is I have been in a strict weight-loss program. Honestly, I am currently applying for the same old weight-loss program right now. Furthermore, although I used to be convicted as an anorexic girl, I learned a lot about nutritional, weight-loss and also body metabolism studies.

Everything started when my mom and the rest of my family members constantly insulted me fat. At that time, as a 6th grader, I was a happy-go-lucky little girl who did not care at all about my appearance nor my health issues. Hence, my mom accompanied me to a nutritionist, where he gave me a weight-loss food diary, I still remember it vividly I weighed 57 kilos although I’m only 147 cm tall and 12 years old young, moreover I was classified as a level-one obese girl.

But honestly, by the moment after I consulted with the nutritionist, I didn’t plan to go on a diet–I still haven’t received any enlightenment until I entered junior high school, precisely nearly year 8, where I began to disciplined my diet. My weight-loss daily diet plan was tremendously more strict than the one that the nutritionist gave me. I merely ate one slice of wholemeal bread plus fat free jam, and approximately 100 milliliters of High Calcium Skimmed Milk for my breakfast, and I ate  90 grams of white rice along with 50 grams of veggies or other side dishes for my lunch, that’s all, I didn’t eat dinner because I knew that as long as I go to bed with hunger, I’ll lose weight in the next day. And I discovered lots of fattening foods that it’s strictly forbidden for me to eat it, for instance, oils–all kinds of oils, fried foods, sweet desserts, margarine, butter, mayonnaise, egg yolk, and much more. And I lost like 15 kilos by doing that in 6 months. I reduced my meals again after that, I merely eat one piece of Weet-Bix every morning for my breakfast, and I ate nothing for the rest of the day. Although, I was in the softball group since 7th grade, and I practiced every Wednesdays and Saturdays. By doing that kind of lifestyle, I lost another 5 kilos with the total 20 kilograms!  People around me, my families, acquaintances, teachers, friends, best friends, they were all began to worry about my dramatic change. But honestly, I was laughing deep down inside.

After that, I maintained my weight in 40 kilos. Pretty good enough I can keep in the stable until I’m about to face my Senior High School national examination, I was kinda stressed out during those days when I was preparing for it, I studied non-stop. But too bad that I couldn’t control my appetite during those days, so I gained so much weight, I was 50 kilos back then. And when I enrolled the university, until now, I reduced my weight again and now I’m 42 kilos, but I still need to keep going because my goal is to reach 38 kilos, though.


So, here’s what I want to share with you. What makes you lost your weight? it’s simple, starvation. I know that most people don’t agree with this kind of method because it’s too risky for their health, but hey I’m a pro with this method, and I will tell you how does it work. Early in the morning, you eat breakfast, but remember, do not eat exaggeratedly which makes you overwhelmingly stuffed. And when you go to school, you’re studying, learning and listening to the lecturer. You will use your brain to think quite a lot and approximately at 10 a.m. you will feel hungry. When you’re hungry, your blood sugar level drops, and your stomach will groan and tell your brain that he’s hungry. And we don’t feed ourselves, our body is doing a process which is called glyconeogenesis, where our body breaks down the glycogen from our lives and turned them into energy which is raised up our blood sugar, that’s why when you’re hungry, if you’re being patient a bit your hunger will vanish in a while. Indeed, our body is not a dimwit, after the liver is running out of glycogen, our body will raze down the glycogen from our muscles. Well honestly, this is the bad part but sometimes you will have to sacrifice yourself in order to attain something you really want to be. After our body is running out of ‘today’s glycogen’ allotment, our body will obtain energy by racing down our fats, yes this is it! And lastly, after your body is running out of today’s fat allotment, they will raze down your proteins. Well, what I have to say is, you really may go starve yourself, but remember not to overdo it, Do it soberly like only eats one time a day, every morning, just don’t go water fasting for days if you don’t want to damage your innocent organs. And yes, you will have to totally avoid fattening food like I’ve mentioned above, and If you don’t like hard exercises, just simply take a long walk every day for at least one and a half hours. There you go, walking in your right path to obtain your goal weight!


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