Your Orientation

You might often hear….

Hey, could you please help me to cure my brother’s homosexuality?

First thing first, what is sexual orientation? It means that the type of gender that you’re attracted to. I know, most people are homophobic–because they thought that homosexuality is some kinda disease. Apparently,  here I’m going to tell you that is NOT a disease, but it’s called sexual orientation (or some people called it sexual preference, but for me, to be more precise I prefer to call it sexual orientation).

Sexual orientation is something birthright, what it has been inside you since you were born. If you’re heterosexual, that means you’ll only attrancted romantically towards your opposite gender, while if you’re homosexual that means you’ll only attracted romantically with the same gender of yours. Just as simple as that. Children, usually realized their sexual orientation when they’re in elementary school.

For those who are heterosexuals, won’t mind telling their first crushes to their friends–because the world around them won’t oppose them, in the other hand, those who have uncommon sexual orientations like homosexuals, bisexuals, or even asexuals, tend to keep it for themselves–because they and other people thought that they’re abnormal, wrong, and against the law. People usually opposed homosexuals because it is against the law in religion,  that’s it. Well, I won’t compel you anything, because for me, religion belief is a very personal thing. But since I’m not a muslim bigot, I don’t mind at all to open my mind with the latest knowledge development about homosexuality–since, lamentably, my country is so damn religious-centered, especially there are heaps of muslim bigots here. Hence, I’ve read lots of articles about sexuality, sexual orientation, LGBTQ etc, and here I am, writing about this topic now.

I must admit that I really feel sorry for those homosexuals out there who are being discriminated because (unfortunately) they live in a other-than-heterosexuals-intolerant countries. And lastly, yes, I support same-sex marriage.

Hence, if someone ask you that question above, just simply answer:

Can you also cure you heterosexuality? If you’ve found a way, please tell me and let’s start to cure your brother.

and one more thing to remember…

being gay is not a choice


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