Where is Nessie?

People often call this ‘fabulous’ home of Nessie ‘Loch Ness lake’, but apparently they’re mistaken because the word ‘Loch’ itself means ‘lake’. Loch Ness is located in Northern Scotland, United Kingdom, on of the broadest and deepest freshwater lake in Scotland (after Loch Lomond) with 24 miles long, 1 mile wide and up to 1.000 ft deep–hence, you may say that this lake can be considered as one of the most horrific lake….in the world, indeed.


(source: http://www.shedexpedition.com/)

What makes this lake prevalent to be heard? Quotha, I bet everybody who love criptozoology and mystery ought to know about the fabulous Loch Ness Monster, or affectionately people call her Nessie. Nessie is pretty much resembles a Plesiosaur, a fast-swimmer water-dinosaur with colossal abdomen and long neck that had extincted over 60 million years ago.

At first, I thought that the first Nessie sightings is that famous ‘Surgeon Photograph’, turns out, back then in 565 century, a christian missionary St. Columbus saw someone died because was attacked by the so-called ‘lake monster’. And when one of his apprentices was sailing throughout the entire lake, abruptly, the lake monster revealed itself and about to attack his apprentices. St. Columba, whom witnesses the occurrence by the lakeside, was stunned. That was the first Nessie sightings that ever reported. But apparently, that story was not that famous, Nessie became likely renowned in 1934 when a surgeon, Dr. Robert Kenneth Wilson, claimed that he witnesses the presence of Nessie and reported the photo, which is famous under the name “The Surgeon Photograph”, to the famous newspaper Daily Mail.

Daily mail 21st April

Lamentably, in 1992 scientists revealed that the photo was a counterfeit. However, back then people don’t think that it was a sham because we know that ‘Adobe Photoshop’ has not been invented yet. So, he manipulated the object, not the photo. He was using some kinda mannequin/doll placed on top of a floated periscope.

Actually there’re still lots of self-proclaimed bystanders, but I’d like only to discuss specifically about Nessie.

Today, people repeatedly asking about Nessie’s existence. However, it’s likely hard to observe the Loch Ness because the lake is likely an abyss–colossally huge, deep, and dark–approximately 15 million humankind would fit if we emptied the fresh water. Apart from that we hardly can observe what’s inside because there are many discrete caves inside Loch Ness–which presumably inhabited by Nessie.

loch_ness_underwater1 (www.lochnessproject.org)


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