A Plane Wreck

I know, this is a colossal prevalent news to be heard. To be honest I’ve been wanting to write about it since that day when the plane was declared ‘unable to detect in radar’ or ‘lost’. However, I end up doing some procrastination in order to obtain more information from this case development to  get some ‘enlightenment’  to be able to write this post more comprehensive.


It was on Sunday, December 28 2014 early in the morning, precisely 0535 hrs when that Airbus A 320-200 departed from Djuanda International Aiport in Surabaya heading to Changi International Airport in Singapore. Maybe on that day many people don’t know that actually AirAsia did not report their departure to BMKG (Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Corp.), hence how can they know about the bad weather (they were surrounded by cumulonimbus) and the current air traffic? Merely thirty minutes after the plane took off, in altitude 32000ft, due to that so-called bad weather, the pilot asked the Air Traffic Control’s (ATC) permission to fly higher up to 38000ft. Although the ATC didn’t decline the pilot’s request, however the current circumstance above the Karimata strait, Pangkalan Bun, is that the air traffic was pretty much occupied by several other planes (Garuda Indonesia and Emirates), hence the plane wasn’t be able to ‘fly higher freely’, I think. No longer after that, the plane disappeared from radar, leaving only its signal, and only one minute after that the plane was bafflingly cease to exist.

Everyone in ATC began to panic. They contacted BaSARNas (National Search and Rescue Corp.) about the disappearance, and the news spreads quickly as light velocity (lel) and so the rest of the Indonesians were panic, anxious, sad, disappointed and also repeatedly discuss about it.

Then, Basarnas immediately begin the wreckage quest.

With some high-technology equipments and many helps and supports from other foreign country for e.g. Singapore, Malaysia, USA, even Russia, etc (I can’t spell them all). Solely after three days long, Basarnas had found the approximate plane crash point! Truthfully, I awed them. And so, until today they’re still evacuating the victim’s corpses. The last news I read about it, said that they had found 48 bodies.

After reading all those news about it, they found those ‘early corpses’ were oscillated in the middle of the sea, and their body parts were still in good condition. However, day by day, they have to dive in up-to 30 meters under the sea surface in order to get those bodies. Many of them were still fastened to their chair, in water, but some of them were found floating. Moreover, they also had found those two so-called blackboxes–which are not actually black in colour–but orange, along with its tail, and few days ago they claimed that had found the plane’s body.

From these information, I made some hypothesis. Well about the cause of the accident, I’m not sure because I don’t have much knowledge about that so-called Cumulonimbus, neither the temperature up there, but I’m likely pretty sure that the plane’s engines were somewhat ‘abruptly damaged’ (by unknown-yet cause, because it’s pretty much weird for that kind of ‘sudden damage’, or maybe the plane hit something like thunder), so that it abruptly stopped in such high altitude and crashed vigorously down to the sea water surface, therefore the plane was cracked in to some pieces so that some of the passengers and crews were founded oscillated without their chair in the sea, (again) presumably those who were trying to escape by unfastening themselves AND those who were serendipitously did not remain seated like stewardess for e.g. But still, most of the passengers were trapped inside the plane and died because of Asphyxiation. Why did it drowned is that presumably the doors were already been opened, it makes the water entered the plane’s body more easily and filled it up more quickly.

Well those are my…assumption, I think. And last but not least, I really feel sad about the accident, I’m praying for a good weather so that Basarnas and other teams could finish the sea-evacuation (and get some rest)!


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