Miscellaneous Colours of Indonesia

Indonesia. What would you, and other citizens around the world think when they hear the word ‘Indonesia’?

Developing country in Southeast Asia?

Maritime country?

Muslim-dominated country?

A country with severe corruption level?

or a frequent world bank-mortgager?

Science and Social, two distinct fields of study. I still remember it vividly, during my early elementary school days, I used to prefer social rather than science.


Back then, I was fascinated by either geographical or historical studies about Indonesia. Indeed, I learned about various unique cultures, arts, traditions, and nevertheless the ‘endless’ histories of Indonesia. Firstly about culture, my country is an archipelagic country which is  divided  into more than 30 provinces, and each area has its own distinctive cultures like traditional apparel, local language, local foods, peculiar habits/tradition, etc. Second, about the geographical condition, Indonesia is pretty much considered as a country with fertile soil, and often to be that so-called agricultural country or maritime country. Moreover, Indonesia is suffused with several nonrenewable energies (for e.g. coal, tin, crude oil_. Third, the country history, from those early empire eras (especially Majapahit) , independence struggle until that tumultuous-1998 reformation. To be honest, I awed some figures that I considered them as my role models, especially their never-give-up souls.

Yes, I used to think that way. I used to be that naive little kid. Back then, I thought everything is still fine in this country, just like my teacher said that Indonesia used to be respected by various country (for awhile) after we successfully ‘snatched’ our own independence.

Periodically, as I learned many things around me, as I gradually grew up, I began to comprehend what’s going on, I conceived that apart from those wondrous things about Indonesia, however, nowadays I have to admit that my country is likely woeful. I started to realize about these matters when I was in the 5th grade. Those times were also my turning point in my subject preference, I began to love Science. Now I would like to tell about my country, today.

Education. Indeed, everybody ought to know education is a crucial thing. When pupils received a good education, especially basic education where they obtained them in elementary school and junior high school (middle school), relatively ‘a good character’ will be formed in each of themselves. And people who possessed good characters, good personality and other goods tend to do good things either in their works or studies. In Indonesia, I got to admit that most of the private schools in Indonesia are doing great, some of them are using foreign curriculum, some of them has their own ‘national-plus’ curriculum, but some of them are still using the government’s curriculum, but each of them has a good learning system, for e.g. they uphold integrity by profoundly forbid their pupils on cheating, apart from that some of them enhanced their learning system by occurring practical studying/soft-skill learning frequently. However, we all know that private schools are more costive than public schools, and most of the residents are not that wealthy. Public school, believe me, I have no idea about it before I studied here in my 11th year of high school.

My elementary school and middle school taught me various morality, but what I’m going to discuss is, to uphold integrity. In other words, ever since I was in 7th grade of middle school, I always refused to cheat, moreover my school is likely suffused with book-worm, I mean I hanged out with behaved-pupils, still there are some less-disciplined pupils, but I tend to avoid them. I moved to a public school during the 11th year of my high school, and of course I was pretty much astounded by the new atmosphere–or to be more precise, I was kinda doleful. To be honest, many teachers were often absent during the class, simply put they often didn’t teach us, but I don’t have any idea either where did they go. Weirdly enough, most of the pupils tend to be careless about it. However, I still have some assiduous teachers, and I tremendously respect them. About the pupils, of course, there are some delinquents. But sadly, most of the pupils in the class–although those who are not considered as a delinquent, cheating during the test is like an ingrained habit for them. Again, weirdly, none of the teacher did scolded them, although their actions were beyond vivid. As the time goes by, I became used to this circumstances, so every time the teachers were nowhere to be seen, I studied alone and seceded myself from those delinquents, but however I still have several good friends and I did managed my time socializing with them.

The moment when I’m about to passed  the 11th grade, truthfully I always wanted to study abroad, but my mom told me to take told me to take national university entrance exam (we called it SBMPTN) because she said  that public universities tend to have higher competition level. And so, I spend my 12th grade overwhelmingly dominated by studying and studying, because I know that so-called SBMPTN is that  hard.  I still remember, there were more than 600.000 participants in that test, and only 15% of them passed the test. Well I passed this test, and I started my life in the University. Honestly, I have to admit that I was pretty crestfallen when I get here, because It’s pretty much too incomparable with the effort I’ve made. Most of the lecturer were often absent, even some of them are incompetent in lecturing. The collegers, they’re mostly the same like back then in my high school, cheating in exams are their ingrained habit.  Deep down, I’m somewhat upset when they got good grades by cheating, especially when they said that I’m weird everytime I refused to cheat. But still, there are some outstanding assiduous lecturers, and yes they’re minorities.  Grievously, this country’s education system need to be in an absolute reorganize.

Governance. Repeatedly, I wonder how we used to have such excellent governments and leaders back then around the independence day. Meanwhile, I was pretty much fed-up with the endless news in the newspaper concerning about corruption. Corruption don’t recognise time nor place. It happens because people like them relatively podded with (sly) intelligence but lack of morality. How can you expect to have a well-organised country when corruption, an arsenic-like toxicant, still well-rooted in the majority of the people in it. This kind of morality related to what we called integrity, which is not something that you can obtained it, because this thing ingrained with our own characters. Then, what can we expect when a pupil who doesn’t know how to form this kind of character along with insufficient education system? That’s why you may say that most of the pupils were educated but only a few of them were erudite. I know that there are some organisations that eradicate corruptors, but somehow those corruptors seem to hardly have ‘learned their lessons’.

Natural resources and Human resources. True, spacious land with fertile soil, I got to admit, sadly these Indonesians were lack of gratitude. For instance, out crude oil. We can’t use crude oil directly after we obtained them, we still need to cultivate it into several classifications that can be used in various ways. Ironically, a government company is monopolising the crude oil, and moreover they’re indeed slothful by letting other foreign company to cultivate the crude oil, in the end we only gain 30% profit merely from royalty. Apart from that, not only to nonrenewable resources, but also to renewable resources. It is pretty much perplexing at the moment I witted that we still need to imported our rice needs to other country, and it’s pretty bizarre since our land is broader–and more fertile on top of that, along with higher population number. I mean, having some imported goods from other countries is fine, but, well not something that we could afford here, right? Moreover with a colossal amount of quantity. Well, how could these happened? Simply put, due to idleness. Of course, I knew that there are some industry undergoing rice production, but however, we have a colossal number of population, we still need more. So they think, to be less troublesome by this problem, they simply imported these staple food needs from other country. And that makes us an import dependence country.

Hence, by knowing these matters, I’ve been aspiring to give my contribution to this country in food production issues. In these years of both of my elementary and  junior high school years, my mom guided me to find my interest. Because she’s a businesswoman, when I was in the 2nd year of elementary school, she taught me how to sell goods, that time I was selling some stationaries. Turns out I realized that selling good is gratifying, however what displease me is that I did not enjoyed selling stationaries. As the time goes by, one of my interest are cooking and nutritional studies, and later on I began to interested into food technology or food processing . My mom who has food company, when she heard this she was so pleased. Later, she send me into a short-term cooking school, and the rest of them I studied and practiced miscellanous kinds of dishes by myself at home. Hence, in my 8th year of high school, I baked my own cheesecake and pizza and sell them to my friends in school, some of them even placed some extra special orders. I continue to sell my cooking precisely before I entered the 12th grade, gradually I added some other menus like eclair and pasta. The money I’ve earned, I used them to bought some gold bars (4 bars with each weigh 10 grams), because my mom said that gold is a good savings in order to avoid inflation and my future study abroad, however I know it’s still insufficient amount of gold, that’s why I need to take scholarships so that wouldn’t be a burden for my mom. Aside from this, occasionally I spend my school vacation in my mom’s food outlet and began to comprehend how hard it is to run a business profoundly from zero point.

From those things I’ve learned on sundry occasions, in the matter of knowledge, merely intelligence is scarcely enough, hard work and diligence are highly needed, grateful enough I realized this since I was in elementary school.  Not only that, in the matter of attitude and standpoint, integrity and other moral value is also a crucial thing.