Gender Segregation

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Females are sapless, they are not a capable fugleman–therefore they should just work as housewives, because males are (absolute) capable leaders for them.

When a woman beats a man: “Wow! you’re such a strong and brave woman!” However, when a man beats a woman: “You just beat a woman? Ewh, how queer.” (I shall take few steps away from you).

When you have bunches of children, you’ll get bunches of fortunes accompany you!

Women are not suppose to earn higher education, because no men would want to be with ‘women-who-earn-higher-education-than-him.” Uh-Hum. Ring the bell?

In my country, those palabras above are prevalent to be heard . When I was still in Kindergarten, one of my classmate, a boy, who cried because his colored-wooden blocks got  snatched away by other pupil, which is a girl. I remember about it pretty well, briskly my  homeroom teacher osculated that boy, and immediately condemned him, the teacher said that because is his goddamn job to . I was stunned. I mean, how could the teacher said such a thing? It is tangible that the wrong party is the girl, right? That boy has the toy first, while that girl egotistically snatched it away from him? She hardly even ask for his permission, duh. Ever since that time, I started to realize about this gender segregation. First point: Women should not take the lead, women should not fugle. In my own religion, it is stated that it could be only men to be a leader–or you could say Imam, for instance in one’s household. If in the religion itself underlined those gender segregation, what will the human be?

Let’s take a look in the country of origin, Saudi Arabia. Many husbands won’t acquiesce their wife to work, many husbands tend to posses many wives, and taa~daa what will those wives role? Breeding Machine, lol. Furthermore, women in SA don’t receive this freedom, they hardly going outside by themselves, they hardly use their potency for work or making a remarkable achievement, and there are still heaps of cases remains. Why would Islam allowed men to have many wives while women don’t? I DID NOT MEAN I’m craving to have many guys, but why is it has to be egotistical? Those guys could haphazardly enjoys copulate with more than one woman, while the woman has to retained some writhe. Lust? Both man and woman are humans, both of them possessed lust. The difference is how could they retain and manage their lust. It depends on each person’s principle and ideals. That’s the point.

Next, about why is has to be a man that lead? Don’t you realized that many women could establish a company, and lead them well? We are both humans, every man, every women has a chance to lead something. It has nothing to do with gender. In my campus, while attending sort of freshman orientation, we were divided into some groups and while I was going to nominate myself to be the group leader, It was prohibited–because it has to be a guy. I was tremendously indignant (secretly), because turns out he didn’t do his role as a leader. Second point: When a woman beats a man, it means she’s brave and strong. While when man beats a women, it means he’s a queer. Quotha! How cloddish! Women is not that sapless, and men is also not that strong. Everybody could be in danger, and everybody has their own way to defense themselves from criminals. Third point: When you have bunches of children, you’ll get bunches of fortunes accompany you! Fat-witted I must admit. When you’re married and wanted to have a baby, there’re piles of matters that both of you should think about. For instance, you have to be ready to become a good parents, you have to be ready to share your life, soul, money, with your child, you have to be ready to raise your own child to become an extra-ordinary person. In this case, most of the pairs, didn’t think about these matters. They’re just selfish. They just want the ‘good feeling’ only for both of them, no wonder poor citizens tend to have many children and they’re mostly poorly neglected. Furthermore, early marriage. Irresponsible parents tend to urged their child to get married immediately so they’ll be ‘free’ from responsibility and burden, like I said, they don’t really care about their own child. And in early marriage, those teenagers (usually 13-17 years old)–what do they comprehend about this marriage thing? What do they know about managing household? Me, myself, an 18-years old colleague still couldn’t fathomed about that, all I think is about my studies, my career and my future. They should be weaving some knowledge in high schools, not satisfying their curiosity and doing an early copulation. And for the last point, honestly I was tremendously crestfallen with one of my favourite motivator. He said that women should not earn higher education, precisely master degree, because no man would willing to marry her. Another sottish palabra–moreover he’s a prominent motivator in my country. He said that no man would willing to marry a woman with good career. Tch, how obtuse. Dimwitted women out there in manifold areas in Indonesia might immediately quitting their studies, lol. Hence my conclusions are, we are both humans, and every human have to respect one and another, stop being cherry-pick toward gender issue, protect people you care about–not seeing them by their genders, et cetera et cetera. When we respect each other differences, keep our attitude good, maintain our relationship toward good people, stop being oh-so racist, et cetera, I’m sure we will have a better world. Hence, for gentlemen out there, stop being egostistical, and for ladies out there, stop down-grading yourself, because we’re all the same, human being.


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