Honesty, Such a Lonely Word.


Robbery by Astrid Stoefhas

Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard

A full-blown robbery inside a confined space–inside my very own house, which for the very first time happened to me in the past few days ago.

My house maid is tremendously dishonest. When did the first time I found out about it? It’s when the first pilferage  had  occurred when I forgot to bring my wallet along with me to my cram school. I still remembered precisely–since I’m a pretty detail person, I have three 50k rupiah notes and two 100k rupiah notes. When I went back home, I was pretty aghast due to my own amount of  money abatement, there were only two 50k rupiah notes instead of three. I did talked to my parents but it doesn’t solved anything, my mom hardly believed me yet she keep on blaming me because she said that I’m too sloppy and reckless.  I was fiercely upset, but again I harbored  my own wrath so deep. Hey, I’m the victim here and now you’re blaming me? I know I forgot, but stop yelling at me like that. And the rubbish pilferage occurred again in the next 1 week later when I forgot to bring my wallet again, this time I just didn’t tell anybody, It’s just pointless and useless.

Since then, I always bring my wallet everywhere with me plus I always locked my bedroom and bring the key along with me. It’s all according to my expectations, the pilferage stopped (for awhile). It’s obvious that she’s the obnoxious  thief, savvy?

After I came back from Singapore, approximately in two weeks I was extremely busy preparing for the Monbukagakusho Exam. Sometimes I forgot to locked my bedroom, but she didn’t steal anything…(yet).

After all the exams had passed. I disassembled my piggy bank, and unfortunately she saw all  the filthy nitty-gritty . I have 1,3 million rupiah notes inside my piggy bank, I bought a new piggy bank and I put the rest 1,2 million inside it. I Again, I remembered precisely there were only some 50k and 100k rupiah notes, with the total amount 1,2 million Because those are  my savings since January. Precisely five days later, I sense something bizarre towards my piggy bank. Indeed, when I shook it and peeked inside, it was tremendously light as a feather!  And now there were only 150k rupiah with some 2k and 1k rupiah notes! I was exceedingly taken aback and upset. If I’m not fasting and If killing is allowed, I might strangled her fat neck and stab her countless of times immediately. That time there were nobody in the house besides her. Again, I harbored my wrath by weeping slowly.

Thus, approximately the occurrence is like this: When she found out that I had a lot of money, she  contrived a pilferage. Due to the prevalent piggy bank model of mine which is sold in every low class markets, she disassembled my piggy bank, took the money, but she left 150k along with some 1k and 2k rupiah notes inside it, so that I won’t go leery at my piggy bank. Tch, she’s such a dimwit, she didn’t know how suspective am I toward her and how sensitive and detailed am I toward my piggy bank. Hence, shortly I found out.

Just like the previous case, telling my parents won’t change the goddamn fuck. I told my sister, and she’s almost fainted, LOL. Due to her intelligence in crime cases–I acknowledged her expertise though–since she’s going to  become a criminologist, she helped me so much in this case. The night when I expelled her away, she still won’t admit her malicious deed, revoltingly  she tried to seek for empathy from my mom by persuading my mom to believed her. Oh such a big fat repugnant liar.  I was vigorously indignant, me and my sister told all the evidence and the entire story, and see? She couldn’t even resist a bit yet she didn’t have any alibi. What did she do? she just sickeningly crying and still don’t want to admit in the name of God, oh such a bollox ! that bloody tramp hardly  ever praying  nor fasting.

After the case was closed, my sister simply quoth:

“you know, all of her reactions–starting from her gestures, gaze, etc,  are according to my expectations based on the entire crime cases I’ve read.”

Hence, what I’m trying to say is…

People like her, here in my country, is loitering everywhere. See how poor does the morality and honesty she possessed? Indeed, not even a scrap of paper. Moreover, she’s that intent to actually bought the precise piggy bank, and after she stole it, she still loitering in my house without guilty as if nothing had occurred.

That’s why, like I said, Honesty is such a lonely…word.

(read more in my Sister’s blog, she’s using a criminologist-like language: http://www.fauxwordsmith.blogspot.com/2014/07/it-not-about-quantity-it-about-morality.html)



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