My Other Mother

Affection by Pino Daeni

Love and affection. Such feelings that could grow consanguineously or not. Not about to discuss that common sexual attraction, regardless their gender. This is about mother and daughter kind of affection by a person unrelated by blood.

She is more than a teacher to me, I can say she is my role model. It was during the seventh grade of Junior High School when the first time I met her and started to teach me and my sister. That time, she was still studying at the University of Indonesia for her Diploma degree. She is an admirable and amazing young lady. She is tremendously hard-working, smart, loves to write and read. She really appreciates knowledge. During the first time I told her about my goals and dreams, she was astonished and encouraged me to pursue them. I have never received that kind of reaction before. Others would have laughed at me. Which made me reluctant discussing about my dreams to other people other than my mother. A glimpse of confidence sparked within me at that time.

Her diligence. She told me that knowledge is a valuable thing, and that is why she appreciates knowledge very much. She told me that she prefers a hard-working person rather than a gifted person. She loves Mathematics, so she taught me how to love that subject, because truthfully when we love and understand something, it was such a…marvelous feeling. I always like studying since Elementary School, but this feeling it is just different. I began to study three times harder than I used to with such genuine delightful feeling because I just learned and understood something valuable.

She often called me daughter and sometimes I also called her mom. She told that having me and my sister it’s like having a daughter without bearing the 9 month pregnancy and experiencing give-birthing pain.

In my eighth grade, my mathematics became extraordinary, and she often gave me different prizes.

Her sincerity for affection. Due to my inarticulateness, when I started to have serious problems, I told nobody but her. I feel like other people have two faces. Like I said, consanguinity is not necessary after all. I feel sad when my family members badmouth each other or being two-faced. During the eleventh grade of my Senior High School, due to my folly, ignorance, and stupidity, I failed to enter the science class. That time I was extremely depressed. Others might think it was a common failure, but for me, It was the most severe blow and the most painful failure I have ever had in my sixteen years life on this beloved earth.

I am such a dimwit.

The only person I told about the entire problem is her. I cried over and over in front of her without hesitant. She told me not to give up yet there is still other way in life to pursue my dreams. She cheered me up and wrote about it on her blog. Honestly speaking, I could not help but cried again because I was completely touched.

In the end, I moved to another school. I left all my beloved friends, teachers and my ‘wonderful’ High School stories. It actually took 4 months for me to decide. As the time goes by, truthfully I am thankful that I moved to other school hence I could fully concentrated to my studying. Due to her business, unfortunately she was not being able to teach me anymore. She felt really sorry yet I felt tremendously mournful.  But we still keep in touched, definitely.

This post is dedicated to my other mother to express my gratefulness and to show how I adore her.

Pondering about A. J.


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