Least number of Enthusiasts, Science Class

One sunny day in my previous 12th year days…

The Biology daily exam was currently occurred, yet I could hardly concentrate. No, you’re mistaken. It’s not that I didn’t study nor I couldn’t answered it. To be honest it was easy (alhamdulillah I got 97).

Buzzzzzz buzzzzz buzz buzzzzzzzz buzzzzzz

buzzzz zzzzz buzzzzzzz

I rant to myself,

“Oh God, they’re such a blabbers and dishonest! Can’t you see this is an exam?! And hello Mrs. Biology teacher, you’re supposed to do something! Torn their answer sheets and kick their asses!”

To be honest, this ain’t the first time. It’s always been like this since the first time I moved here.  I always have been surrounded by pupils who doesn’t like to cheat. Moreover in my mindset, cheating is a horrible infringement, and I always contend that cheating is tremendously uncool. During my first days in this school, I immediately made two close friends, Attin and Andrea. Fortunately I also made some gracious acquaintances. But still, they always cheating (unless Attin, I don’t know and I don’t want to accused her). Well it’s more like they used to it. Why I couldn’t get pretty along with the others is because I refused to cooperate with them. They didn’t hate or discriminate me, no. It’s just I couldn’t get along with pupils who possessed different frame of mind with me. Although in the end, I could fit in anyway but just as a classmate.

Hence, why do they always cheat?  

They couldn’t comprehend those subjects?

 Was is that horribly difficult?

 They are the who chose science class for themselves, right?

If they truly like science, then why do the cheat?

Indeed. Truthfully, most of them dislike science. They are not Science Enthusiasts.

So, why do they entered the Science class?

Thenceforth I’m going to discuss about my country’s patchy curriculum along with the shoddy learning process.

Pupils should recognize their own interest and enthusiasm. Therefore, their primary surroundings (parents, school, etc) should lead them until they found it. After graduating elementary school, they’ve  recognize their own ability, interest, dislikes and weakness. During their middle school/junior high school entrance, they already knew what classes are they going to choose and attend. Teacher’s and parents’s role at the moment is to lead what are they going to become in the future. Thus, in high school where subjects are supposed to be more specific, they will choose the right subjects according to their field of study on their future university ahead.

Well those are only my hopes, anyway.

In reality, which is the current circumstances. Public schools scarcely ever guide their pupils, even some teachers often absent. The curriculum is indeed patchy, why? because we were demanded to learn lots of subjects which are not our own choices. For those who serendipitously like all the subjects, is not a problem at all. But how about precisely the inverse? Okay let’s start from my middle school. Fortunately I was studying  in a good private school where the teachers guide us, plus mercifully I’ve found my interest and I already know what I’m going to be, owing to my mom’s guidance. But I’m still in this country, so my school used the current curriculum . There are approximately more than 10 subjects. Fortunately I love science, English, music and art, that’s why I got no problem with my Physics, Biology, English, Music and Art scores. But, I dislike social studies such as Economy, Geography, and Accounting. While the other are just so so to me. No wonder why my social scores are just OK. This is just a middle school level so the lessons wasn’t that profound.

Now let’s move to High School. In this level, most of them still hesitant what are they going to be. Year 10 in High school is the hardest year to be honest. We were chocked by approximately 16 subjects! Bloodcurdling, isn’t it?! And each subjects were profound and exhaustive. In order to entering whether science or social class, pupils should reach the minimum score in their final exam and report cards. Moreover, our learning process is more like to memorize lessons, not to comprehend. With this circumstances, I honestly don’t like it at all. Mercifully, I like to study. Every time I learned something I always tried to understand, even if it may took longer time. I hate when I have to memorize (unnecessary things) like latin names of our bones. And back to our previous discussion, most pupils are (honestly) still hesitate with their own choice even they only got 2 options, science or social. If you asked them, most of them will assuredly answered “Science Class”. Why? Was it because they genuinely loved science? Not always. In fact, most of them entered science class whether it is due to their parents’s demand, dependent on their close friends, stupid thoughts about “science class is in the upper caste” or maybe they just half-assedly chose it.

Alas with these circumstances, no wonder most of them got shoddy grades and often end up cheating, savvy?


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