Fucked-up Bigots

How do you describe a smart person? Is it that guy who always sits on the rearmost desk with As? Well, It’s not that I do not agree with it. But in my opinion, a smart person is more suitable to be described as a prudent person, cherish another human being, high modesty, and equitable. Thus, indirectly, he/she is smart.

Indeed, I am a Muslim and I’m proud of it. For me as a prudent Muslim, one must implement good deeds and must avoid bad deeds (as written in Quran). That’s all, nothing to worry or be debated about. What I dislike is those mad Muslim fanatics. They hardly even cherish neither respected other religions yet the way they speak sounded as if they are the most glorious human being in this colossal universe.

In my case, I have this ‘peculiar’ biology teacher in my cram school. Indeed she’s one of those Muslim bigots. The way she talks as if her opinion is the truest. Moreover, she even spread the delusional news about the current politics circumstances (because of the election). To be honest, almost everything that she said was staggeringly delusional, so I deemed her as a big fat liar. I sometimes asked her where did she heard about that news, and sometimes she heard it from her friends or students. Hence she’s the type of person who loves gossiping yet she hardly filtered it and tend to exaggerate it. Oh please, how could you fatuously believe those rumors? You see, we could easily lie to our friends or parents, and now how about this don’t-know-where-it-actually-came-from rumors? Are you a dimwit or something? Furthermore, she is also a racist. She tremendously dislikes western, she always claimed that western people are identical to free sex and alcoholics. Well in my opinion, yes, free sex has gnawed those angel-hearted human race throughout the whole universe. But once again, we couldn’t judge by one’s race, religion, and inhabitation. It’s related to moral value. Alas, does she even know that alcoholism and free sex is not even odd anymore in these days in our country? Like I said we should not judge another person. She also hates other religions, especially Christians. She did not respect to the tiniest bit. Oh please, this whole universe does not belong to you all alone goddammit!! To be honest, I have several Christians friend, and they are kind to me, nothing bizarre. Just like good friends normally do. And they really respected us for sure, even they’re such a minority in this country. Oh, that also reminds me, I have a really awesome teacher back then, well, of course, we still keep in touch up until right now. She’s a Hindu, but she’s tremendously respectful toward other people, she has high modesty,  she’s indeed smart back then she was studying medicine, and hardly ever look down on other people. I really love her. A couple months ago she just got married and moved to San Diego with her foreign husband. I read her blog and it’s truthfully awesome. She really thought me many things about life (besides science).

Alas, all I could say is please don’t be such a racist and fanatic toward something. If you wanted to be respected, the respect other people first. Be equitable towards everything. And please don’t judge a book by its cover because you never knew precisely what actually happened to that person. Btw, I kinda remembered about Eminem’s “Beautiful” song lyrics:

In my shoes, just to see
What it’s like, to be me
I’ll be you, let’s trade shoes
Just to see what it’d be like to

After all, you could never precisely tried their shoes on your own, savvy?


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