The Mysterious Isdal Woman

Aka “The Isdal Woman”. I think this incident is not as famous as other mysterious death cases.

It was normal day on November 24 1970 at the foothills of Mount Ulriken’s north face, in an area known as the Isdalen Valley in Bergen, Norway. Nothing seems odd today, a 26 years old local man was hiking in the following area when abruptly he saw a women was dressed elegantly–well it’s pretty inappropriate outfit for hiking. The women has a foreign face, presumably she was not from around here, and she looked so frightened; as if she’s asking for some help toward the man. Thenceforth, he saw two foreign-face black-coated men were following her  (or maybe preceded her), as tough she was she was some kind of criminal. And then the man just passed them bewilderingly.

Five days later after that occurrence, precisely on November 29 1970, approximately at 13.15, a University professor was hiking in the same area with his two daughters when the same man was hiking in the same area, when staggeringly he found a naked woman body was sprawled lifeless hidden among some rocks. He also found a dozen of pink sleeping pills, a packed lunch, an empty quart liquor bottle and two plastic bottles that smelled gasoline. Consequently he apprised the locals nearby, the previous 26 years old man agnized her thus he immediately contacted the police.

The condition of the body was pretty tragic. According to the autopsy she had died from the combination of burns and carbon monoxide poisoning, they also traced fifty sleeping pills inside her body, plus her neck bore a bruise. Yet her cause of death was a blunt force trauma.

Subsequently, the police found two suitcases inside a safe deposit box at NBS train station in Bergen; claimed most likely to be hers. Queerly, all the labels either in the clothes, dresses, even in the suitcase itself had been removed. Police also found several lotions which the doctor’s name and the labels had been removed either. Furthermore her fingerprints had been sanded away along with her dental records. Well the police did traced several fingerprints in some of her stuffs but alas, it seems that those “puzzle pieces” had also had been abolished, hence it was too insufficient to investigate her identity. And there were also sundry fake passports that had entrance stamp from Moscow, a prescription bottle without label, 500 Deutsche marks, several cryptic diaries along with bizarre codes and an impressive collection of wigs. The codes were later deciphered by police who concluded that they were coded dates and places the woman had previously visited.  The quaint fact is, if there are circa 100 of eyewitnesses who had seen this women wandering, then why nobody knows who she really is.

But–once again, who is she?  Could it be, a spy?

Thereafter police discovered that the women had itinerate around Norway and Europe with nine different incognitos : Jenevive Lancia, Claudia Tjelt, Vera Schlosseneck, Claudia Nielsen, Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Vera Jarle, Finella Lorck and Elizabeth Leen Hoywfer.

Nine different incognitos? Seriously? What for?

According to the witnesses, the woman had been staying in several hotels in Bergen, bewilderingly she has recurrently change rooms when she wanted a room with balcony. When she was travelling around she uses different kinds of wigs. They also proclaimed that the woman could spoken several languages; French, German, Dutch and English.

Early in the investigation police contacted an Italian photographer who  seemingly knew this women well despite that he had given the woman a ride and had dinner with her at Hotel Alexandra in Loen. Well, the Italian had been inquired about a rape case but he immediately oppugned about it. One of the Italian’s postcards that were sold in Norway was also found in the woman’s luggage. The photographer asserted the woman had told him that she came from a small town north of Johannesburg, in South Africa. However this line of inquiry did not lead to any bright spot.
The last observation of the so-called Isdal woman was when she checked out of room 407 at the Hotel Marin. She paid in cash and then asked to be picked up by a taxi. The woman was described as 30–40 years old, 164 cm tall, wide hips, small eyes and good-looking.

Thence, her identity remains pseudonymous.



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